Welcome Home Holiday Party

I have been a Brooklyn resident pretty much most of my life.  I migrated to Brooklyn, NY from Jamaica when I was nine years old.  Went to P.S. 92 Elementary and I.S. 61 Junior High School.  For high school, I went to Graphic and Communication Arts.  Brooklyn was so wild, my parents refuse to send me to a local high school.  Little did they know that Graphics was just as bad (if not worst) but that’s another story.  I went away to school and lived in Washington, DC for about 9 years.  Although I became an adult in DC, I missed the people and energy of Brooklyn.  I moved back six years ago as an adult and discovered a whole new Brooklyn (gentrification).  I fell in love with Brooklyn all over again.  I knew then upon my return that I was meant to come home.  It’s was great to be back as an adult.  Because of  a real estate opportunity, I moved with my sister to Far Rockaway, Queens.  I hated every minute of living out there and couldn’t wait to move back home. 

The opportunity to move back came unexpectedly in October in which I quickly jumped on.  Now I am back and my goal is to let the world know.  With this new found energy I also want to promote Brooklyn and to allow the community to appreciate what they have.  This is my mission. Thy will be done. 

To let everyone know I was back home, I did a welcome home holiday party.  Instead of house-warming gifts, I asked everyone to bring canned goods and stocking stuffer items to give to charity.  It was an overwhelming success in every way.  Please take a look at how much fun the party was.  The last two pics are items under the Christmas tree that were collected for charity.

Enjoy. Until next post,

The (BK) Prodigal Son



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